When direct mail isn’t working, radio can help

When you go to your mailbox, are you ever annoyed at what you find?

Bills are annoying, but what about all that direct mail? Marketers call mailing items “direct mail”, but people refer to them as “junk mail”. If you utilize this form of advertising, are you satisfied with your redemption rate? Probably not.

Consider using radio to tell consumers to expect your mail piece. This has worked for Publisher’s Clearing House for well over 50 years. Every year they tell us to watch our mailbox, so that when that envelope comes, there is a recognition that this isn’t the usual annoying piece of junk mail that hits the trash. Make your direct mailings more effective with the power of radio.

Ninety-three percent of Americans use radio every week, so your customers are listeningand no one in Northeast Arkansas has more listeners than the six stations of the Jonesboro Radio Group.

You also have the option to enter the world of digital advertising. Did you know that we offer a product like direct mail with none of the draw backs? We can target specific households based on a list of specific consumers (think about people with credit scores of 650+ or who haven’t purchased a car in the past 5+ years). And, we can target these people 25 or more times a month and eliminate design and postage costs – all while being eco-friendly.

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