Reaching Millennials with radio

Reaching the 18-34 millennial age group has been a much talked about topic. We’ve been told that this demographic is so much more different than other demos, like Gen X and Boomers, and that traditional radio won’t reach them.

Well, research says otherwise. Traditional Radio and TV are the top two media for millennials. More millennials listen to traditional radio every week than any other generation: 67 million. Traditional radio is still the number one way millennials discover new music. Millennials spend two-thirds of their media time with traditional radio and TV. The real research says you need to be investing 71 percent of your ad budget on traditional media.

Radio reaches more millennials on a weekly basis than any other medium, period. And no one in Northeast Arkansas has more listeners than the six stations of the Jonesboro Radio Group.

Let Liz Davis show you the facts.


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