Apply now for our summer internship program

Apply now for our summer internship program.


Internship applicants must be 16 years of age and enrolled in high school or college. Interns must be available for training and work evenings and weekends for ten hours per week. Before an applicant is accepted for the internship program, an interview may be required.

The ABA Internship Program places a heavy emphasis on programming and sales.

In the programming phase, interns will learn and develop skills associated with board operation, music rotation, keeping logs, and handling phones. In the sales training section, interns will be briefed on philosophies and practices regarding client relations. Preparation of sales proposals, telemarketing, and making a call with a station salesperson will be part of the curriculum.

Production, traffic and news reporting will be included in the eight week course.

Interns will be paid minimum wage for ten hours per week for the eight week program. Interns may or may not be offered paid positions at the completion of their training. A staff member will review the intern’s performance and make recommendations concerning employment opportunities, further education, etc. All interns completing the eight week program will be presented with a certificate and a letter of reference.

The internship should be viewed as an introduction to broadcasting, with specific emphasis on training to work at this station. An intern’s application should not be interpreted as an offer of employment by this station or any other broadcast outlet, or as a guarantee of acceptance into the internship program. Paid internships are granted by the Arkansas Broadcasters Association through this member station on a space-available basis.

To apply, complete the JRG Internship Application, scan it, and attach it with your resume.  E-mail to Rob West.  Or complete the online form below.  Deadline is May 10, 2019.


JRG Internship Application

Thank you for your interest in an internship with the Jonesboro Radio Group. The Internship Program is a training program designed and approved by the Arkansas Broadcasters Association. Please complete this application.
  • Please list all schools attended, level of education completed, areas of interest (major or undecided)