Light Up Their Hearts Winner surprised with light reveal

On a very chilly December night, the 2020 Jonesboro Radio Group Light Up Their Hearts winner was revealed!

Partnered with Ground Crew LLC Christmas Décor Division and Fat City, JRG presented this year’s award to Mayra Looney, of Jonesboro, whose family has not only struggled with loss after a tornado earlier in the year, but has also lost several of their remaining belongings (including Christmas decorations) in a shed fire a few months later.

Looney won Christmas decorations outside of her home, professionally placed by Ground Crew LLC, and a $500 from Fat City Steak and Grill House.

Looney was selected after her sister, Sylvia Brandon, entered the following nomination to the Light Up Their Hearts Contest:

“Mayra, my sister, and her husband and 3 young children were all in the middle of March 28, 2020 tornado. I remember watching the path of the tornado live on Region 8 News and quickly realized that it was head directly towards my sister’s home. I called and texted her wildly to make sure she was in her safe spot and getting no answer I was concerned for their safety. Thankfully, all of them were physically safe from the storm and their home was damaged. Winning this contest would bring much needed joy to my sister and her family after a hard 2020. A few months after the tornado, a fire in their shed brought on additional heartbreak and financial loss. That shed housed her children’s bicycles, outside toys, and notably their Christmas decorations. This contest would certainly bring much needed Christmas cheer to her family!”

As Looney drove down the cul-de-sac toward her home, she looked around confused at the scene. What she saw were Ground Crew LLC trucks, JRG vans, a news vehicle from KJNB, along with a crowd of neighbors, radio DJs and personnel, Santa Clause, an elf, a reporter, and cameras.

104.9 The Fox personality Trey Stafford cheerfully greeted her and warmly explained what she had won before she had even had the chance to get out of her car.

Soon, Mayra, her son, and her son mother were standing in front of the Looney home to watch as the newly placed lights lit up all around them.

LINK: See video of the reveal