Radio advertising can boost organic marketing

We in the mass media are not opposed to word of mouth advertising. We’re far from it. The problem with word of mouth advertising is that those who use it frequently don’t grow their business quickly enough.

What kind of advertiser are you?

According to “Marketing Warfare” by Ries and Trout, the most widely-read book on marketing ever written, your business falls into one of these categories.

Half of the region can’t see your cable ad

There are great shows on cable for sure, but if you want the chance to reach 100 percent of the available population in a cost-effective manner, radio is the way to go!

Follow a strategic marketing plan

Too often we see business startups that don’t include advertising in their business plan. There is the temptation to rely on social media or word-of-mouth because there’s no cost, but there is.

Co-op funds are free money!

Co-op funds are set aside by manufacturers to give their vendors incentive to advertise their product.

Combine social media with the power of radio

Social media is great. At Jonesboro Radio Group, we use it all the time. But while this platform can be an incredibly useful tool, too many businesses believe that social media is the answer to every advertising issue. It’s not.