The Ad-Lab

Our primary mission is to achieve the marketing goals of our retail advertisers as well as:

  • Develop memorable radio advertising campaigns that obviously outperform those of competitors.
  • Help advertisers to increase traffic, move present inventory and increase cash flow.
  • Help our clients CRUSH their competitors and PROSPER!



Candidates Choose Jonesboro Radio Group To Win

The Jonesboro Radio Group has a history of being a part of creating more winners on election night than any other local media. JRG’s top-rated country station, 104.9 The Fox (KDXY) distances its nearest competitor with shear audience size, and plays a key role in helping candidates get their messages to voters. JRG’s five other signals reach […]



Jonesboro Radio Group Campaigns

The JRG Ad-Lab Team works with each client to determine exactly the right campaign to achieve the client’s goals. Some campaigns utilize some or all of our radio stations using commercials custom written for each client. Some campaigns contain live on-location events featuring our attention-getting vehicles and live well-known talent. Some campaigns feature on-air promotional […]

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