Radio is intimate, direct, and human. Radio has the power to inform, to entertain, and to teach. Radio advertising has the power to allow an advertiser’s message to resonate in the consumer’s ears. It is cost-efficient, targeted, easy to track, and extremely effective. Not only is radio advertising one of the most effective methods of reaching consumers, but it is also an effective way for businesses to expand their recruitment campaigns.

Businesses used to look to the help wanted section of the newspaper, a recruitment service, or local help wanted magazines to hire employees. Now, there are endless job search websites. One of the best avenues, however, to consider in your marketing strategy is through radio advertising.

The employers who are still placing newspaper ads are only reaching candidates who are actively looking for a job, meaning you are only targeting the unemployed. When you use radio, you can reach everyone. Not only those who are looking for a job or who are out of work, but also those who do have a job and can be persuaded to switch jobs or careers.

The best workers are already working. Of course there are some who lost their job for whatever reason, but most candidates are already employed and performing well in their positions. Radio is the best way to reach out to them and communicate why they should work for you.


Focus on one job opening per ad or promote all openings as one. Radio advertising is most efficient when you can dramatize a single idea. Talk about one opening and emphasize the benefits of the job as well as the benefits of working for your company. If you have multiple openings you would like to promote, consider creating separate ads.

Don’t list qualifications. Don’t make your script sound like a newspaper listing. Make it fun, enticing, and creative, just as the job would be! The more exciting the ad is, the more excited the listener is to apply. Don’t stress, we can write the ad copy for you.

Make the goal of the ad clear. The radio ad should provide a clear pathway to listeners on where and how they can apply. Email addresses and phone numbers are easily forgotten, so consider having them visit your website to apply. Set up a landing page for the position to have the user visit in order to apply.


While radio is a great tactic to reach a lot of people at the same time, you should still employ more targeted tactics to reach the right people you’re looking to hire. Be sure the online display banners use the same messaging and calls-to-action as your radio ads to keep everything consistent. We offer website placements on all of our station websites that you can also take advantage of.

You can also run display ads on just about any website. The targeting is endless, whether you want to use specific keywords, target specific areas (including your competitors’ locations), and even target individual households where people live who meet certain criteria.

These are just a few examples of what Jonesboro Radio Group can do for you to enhance your digital advertising and help you hire the best of the best. With a great radio recruitment campaign along with a strong digital advertising schedule, the ability to resonate with your listeners and viewers is at an all-time high. Both mediums boost each other, in that radio creates awareness and display ads are memorable.


A great recruitment campaign works wonders on the radio and it can help make strides for your business in its recruitment efforts. Jonesboro Radio Group has had the opportunity to work with numerous clients who have put their trust in radio advertising to help find their next great employee. Join these clients and let us help you take your recruiting efforts to the next level!

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